Tuesday, August 23, 2011

150 years ago today

Below is a paraphase of a letter written on Aug. 26th by a member of Co. D, 7th Maine Regiment and published on Sept. 5th in the Maine Farmer. 

On August 23rd 1861 the 7th Maine Regiment began their journey south to join in the fight to preserve the union.  They would strike tents at 1:00 a.m. at their camp in Augusta and three hours later were marching to the train depot to board the cars.  They arrived in Boston at 4:00 p.m. and marched from the train station to Faneuil Hall where they were fed a splendid supper.  After resting and filling their haversacks rations the regiment marched to the Fall River depot where they boarded the cars again and by midnight were on the steamer Bay State.

The 7th Maine Regiment -The following companies compose the 7th Me. Regiment, rendezvoused at Augusta:          

Houlton Company, Capt. Freeze, (Company A)
China Company, Capt. Jones, (Company B)
Unity Company, Capt. Robinson, (Company C)
Bath Company, Capt. Hyde, (Company D)
Fairfield Company, Capt. Conner, (Company E)
Biddeford Company, Capt. Cushman, (Company F)
Portland Company, Capt. Gilman, (Company G)
Bangor Company, Capt. Cass, (Company H)
Presque Isle Company, Capt. Rolfe. (Company I)
Monmouth Company, Capt. Norris, (Company K)

Seven of the above companies were in camp Friday last.  Two others came in on Saturday, and the other, the Monmouth Co., arrived on Monday.

(Bath Times). August 19, 1861 The Lewiston Daily Evening Journal - Lewiston, Maine.

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