Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Journey Continues.....

The steamer Bay State went "passing up the Sound between the Long Island and Conneticut shores." On the morning of the 24th the regiment touched at New York where they changed boats for Elizabethport, NJ. Upon reaching there they boarded the cars for Baltimore via Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The night long train ride found the men of the 7th sleeping on the hard seats and straw covered floors of the cars. The morning of the 25th found them in York, Pennsylvania where they met the first troops that had seen action, "red caps".  The route southward from York to Baltimore seemed “semi hostile” with soldiers posted along their route, but before long they arrived in Baltimore and camped in the western part of the city.  (From a letter to the Maine Farmer written August 26th and printed on Sept. 5th 1861 by a member of Co. D.)

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