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149 years ago today, late afternoon, a gallant charge

Casualties in the Seventh Me. Regiment
in the Battle of Antietam
Company A
Lieut. J.G. Butler - missing
Private James Lewin, Houlton - killed
Private Roger B. Haines, Houlton - wounded
Private Charles H. Wolhampter, Monticello - wounded knee, severe
Private Richard Keating, Houlton - wounded and missing
Corporal Augustus L. Merritt, Maysville - foot, severe
Company B
Captain James P. Jones - wounded slightly
Lieut. William L. Haskell, Acting Adj't, Poland - wounded both legs, severe
1st Serg't J. C. McKenney, Phippsburg - missing
Private Thomas Crawford, Bath - killed
Private Calvin Elders, Bath - hip, slightly
Private John Skolfield, Bath - foot, slightly
Corporal Crossman Timmings, color corps, Bath - knee, slight
Private E. M. Tobey, Bath - missing
Private M. M. Hatch, Lewiston - leg, severe
Private Addison Grant, Frankfort - side, severely
Private William York, Skowhegan - thigh, mortal
Private Timothy Merro, Vassalboro - arm, slight
Private Charles B. Hawes, Union - missing
Private William H. Holbrook, Emden - missing
Private C.B. Thoits, Pownal - missing
Company C
Lieut. A. M. Benson - hip,slight
Serg't Eli McLaughlin, Oldtown - missing
Corporal W. A. McPheaters - hip, severe
Corporal A.S. Harmon, Lincoln - leg
Private George E. Bragg, Detroit - leg, severe
Private William C. Stickney, Springfield - arm
*Private Moses W. McKay, Oldtown - wounded
Company D
Lieut. Charles A. Goodwin, Dresden - killed
Color Serg't Harry Campbell - killed
1st Serg't A. K. Burroughs, Houlton - leg, flesh wound
Serg't Flavell H. Goodwin, Biddeford - killed
Corporal George D. Saunders, Minot - both legs, severe
Private Horace Ross, Bowdoin - leg, severe
Private Charles P. Penbrook, Bath - leg, severe
Private Jacob Page - shoulder, severe
Private Joseph E. Babb, Bowdoin - leg, slight
Private Thomas A. Richards, Dresden - missing
Company E
Lieut. A. F. Emery, Kendall's Mills - abdomen, slightly
Private Rufus Preble, Winslow - killed
Private Thomas Hennabry, Hartland - killed
Corporal N.S. Burrill, Hartland - hand
Corporal S. R. Tuttle, Fairfield - hand, slight
Private Abram Batchelder, Pittsfield - arm, severe
Private E. H. Hammond, Pittsfield - foot, severe
Private Thomas Dolan, Portland - arm, slight
Company F
Lieut. L. M. Shorey- foot, severe
Private Fred C. Tibbets, Athens - killed
Private C. B. Chase, Canaan - shoulder, ankle and leg
Corporal W. H. Benson, Athens - hip, slight
Private Hiram Wixon, Albion - hand
Private Israel A. Foster, Portland - leg, severe
Private Patrick O'Brian, Portland - leg, mortal
Private E. Townsend, Portland - hand, severe
Private H.D. Philbrick, Skowhegan - hand, slight
Private B.C. Studley, China - missing
Company G
Serg't William H. Motly, Portland - face, severe
Serg't James H. Armstrong, Portland - shoulder, severe
Corporal Robert H. Jackson, Naples - foot, severe
Private Charles H. Waterhouse, Portland - thigh
Color Corporal William P. Nason, Portland - leg, slight
Private John R. Begg, Portland - arm, severe
Private J.H. Norton, Bath - missing
Private Dennis Coffer, Bath - face, severe
Private Edward Murphy - elbow, severe
Private James H. Johnson - leg, mortal
Private J. H. Cobb, Saccarappa - foot, severe
Private Alvah J. Sprague, Bath - taken prisoner
Private Charles J. B. Smith, Portland - missing
Private James W. Lent, Richmond - missing
Private T. J. Waterhouse, Scarboro - missing
Company H
Lt. Henry Warren, Bangor - missing
Private J.F. Commey, Oldtown - killed
Private G.W. Hodgkins, Stetson - missing
Private G. R. Boyer, Bangor - hip
Private C. H. Eddy, Clifton - hand, slight
Private O. J. Rowe, Clifton - leg, severe
Private E. Debeck - foot, slight
Company I
Captain John B. Cook - leg, severe
Lt. Harlow P. Brown, Bethel - killed
Corporal Enoch B. Turney - leg, severe
Private W.T. Jordan, Strong - side, severe
Private Lewis E. Hardy, Hampden - leg
Private D. Hartford - foot
Private A. B. Whittier - leg
Company K
Captain G.P. Cochran - ankle, severe
Corporal E. Collins, Lewiston - leg, slight
Color Corporal J.G. Carver, Lewiston - side, severe
Private H. Baker, Bowdinham - killed
Private G.W. McKenney - hip, severe
Private J.A. Wilcox - leg, severe
Private E. S. Fargo - hand, slight
Private P. McHannan, Lewiston - missing
Private G. H. Putney - missing
Private G. B. Hall - wounded and missing
N. C. Staff
Serg't Major John B. Parsons, Houlton - killed
Those reported missing may some have been taken by the enemy, some killed, and their bodies not identified, and some have found their way to some remote hospital.
Thos. W. Hyde
Major Commanding 7th Maine Vols.
Lewiston Falls Journal
Lewiston, Maine
October 2, 1862
*From Maine Adjutant Generals Report Vol. II page 173

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